Make automatic presales on unicrypt while working or sleeping. This bot allows you to enter in the first block without difficulty on any Unicrypt presale



Snipe Round 0 in the first block

Snipe Round 1 in the first block

Presale contract version : v2/v3/v4/v5/v6

Auto-claim feature

BSC & ETH networks

BUSD snipe with Pro version



Due to the nature of presales, massive use of bots can lead to complications in acquiring a popular token. This is why we are limiting access to this bot to 100 people and the price of this bot is also scalable. This limit can be increased with the agreement of the community.

Current price : 2.5 BNB
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  • Launch

    2.0 BNB

  • 20 people

    2.5 BNB

  • 50 people

    2.5 BNB

  • 100 people

    End of sales