Welcome to Speedwagon's bots

The most famous Pinksale sniping bot is back with the new version 3.0. Join the takeoff, we're going to the moon




About : Speedwagon's Team

I wanted to thank the community for taking the time to give us feedback, it is thanks to you that the project is moving forward. Merci à tous vous êtes les meilleurs !


About : Dxsalewagon



About : Dxsalewagon



About : Dxsalewagon

The developers are quick to respond to my requests. I'm looking forward to more progress in the future.

Dip Man

About : Dxsalewagon

I was hesitant to buy it because we are in a world full of scams. But at worst it was only 2 bnb, so I tried. I paid for it on the first day. This bot is so comfortable. Thanks dev.

Mr. Wick

About : Unicryptwagon

I think that I am so unlucky while finding you late. This tool is awesome and the team is really great. I hope that there is another new trend for me can take it. Five stars are what I want to say now. Thank you!


About : Unicryptwagon

very quik delivery! the product is so easy to use, good job man! support in telegram is quik Great product 5 stars!!


About : Speedwagon's Team

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Have no fear for your data, all usage data is stored locally. There is no way to access your data other than through your PC.

Easy to use

We have done our best to make using our apps as easy as possible. This is why we end up with lots of small applications that each have their objectives.

To the Moon

Our goal is to create applications that will greatly benefit the user. But without the possibility of destroying the health of the market. We take this very seriously because a bot-filled market is not good for anyone.




Enter in the the first block of a Gempad presale


Snipe Unicrypt presales when you want without any stress !


Enter in the first block of Pinksale presale and go out for a drink at the same time !


Frequently Asked Questions

  • We do everything to ensure that our applications are as secure as possible. For this, all your data is stored locally on your computer. However, we don't want to make the code open source because the application will end up in the wild and users will lose the advantage.

  • Speedwagon is a french developer. Thanks to a japanese friend, he managed to understand all the tricks behind smart contracts.

  • I haven't reveal my name yet. But I would try to build a relationship of trust with the community.

  • Maybe in the future, but currently there will be no benefit to the users of our apps.